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                                                      Serving the Bay Area since 1967
 We Are Proud To Announce That Clarks Auto Repair And Machine Shop
 Was Voted Machine Shop of The Year By Consumer Business Review
We are a Full service engine machine shop as well as automotive repair shop that can handle any job. Anything from a simple brake job on your Honda to removing rebuilding and reinstalling any engine from your geo metro to your 30 ft motorhome and everything in between. We also have been doing classic and muscle car restorations, at any stage however much work is needed, for some time now. We have also done engine swaps mostly chevy 350 engines into jags datsuns and jeeps.

We can do any engine type machine work on just about anything, from a basic 3 angle valve job with a Serdi carbide cutter machine, to building your small or big block or even Honda stroker engine. We can Line Hone, Balance, Bore and Hone, resize rods, index your block, surface cast and aluminum heads, surface flywheels, hot tank cleaning. maybe you have a motorcycle engine you would like to rering we can hone your cylinders for the best possible ring break in. We have worked on Flatheads, fiats, big blocks, small blocks, Austin Healeys, Morris motors, 2 strokes, 4 strokes, vr6, 5 valve Audi turbo, VW (air and water cooled), vintage muscle cars, blown hot rods, boat engines, diesel trucks and cars, Cummins

Need to do a 30k, 60k, 90k  major service  we can handle that at a fraction of the price of a dealer. Timing belt services valve adjustments. We do a lot of machine work for local dealerships, so chances are if you have brought your car to a dealership for a blown head gasket or valve job we are the ones that have done the work, so next time bring it to us whole or apart and we can do it for cheaper.

Most removal rebuild and reinstallations take about a week to complete,
depending on vehicle and parts availability. So if you want to get back on the road fast bring your car to us.

We have been around since 1967 thats 44 yrs experience.
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